Get Your Phone Ringing With Google Ads

Develop a near instant flow of phone calls and leads

Google Ads can be an  effective medium around for generating home services leads, customers and jobs. Every day 10,000's of home owners go on to Google and search for services like yours to fix problems they have around their home.

Google Ads puts your your home services business offers right in front of those potential buyers.

And for a home services business it is the most accountable form of advertising:

  • You can know exactly what's going on.
  • You have total control over your spend. 
  • Your ads show for search terms and services you want to provide.
  • You control the areas your ads show and when your ads run. 
  • What your cost per lead / sale you are prepared to pay.
  • You can turn them off if you are getting too many leads or have too many jobs on at any one time.

If that's what you are looking for then let's talk. 

Google Ads Done Right

We are not one of the big PPC management companies who offer PPC management services to all and sundry.  We are a small digital agency who specialises in Home Services Marketing.

We pride ourselves in running your Google Ads account in such a way that we are focused on your business goals - leads, customers, jobs and the cost of getting those.

The other benefits of working with us are:

  • You get a dedicated senior account manager who has significant experience in direct marketing and marketing in general. We will not pass your account to some office junior or overseas person who does not know local geography or search terms.
  • We look at the whole picture. Not just impressions, and clicks. There are a lot of Ads managers, who just manage on spend, clicks and impressions. That's not us. We will implement proper conversion tracking, including call tracking, so we are working to the same goals as you.
  • We don't have a corporate office so you don't pay for corporate overhead.
  • We use modern ad management tools to speed up our work and this is reflected in our lower costs to you.
  • Our management fees essentially relate to the amount of time we spend on your account and the results you get. We make sure that the money you pay us in fees goes towards actually optimising your Google ads account and landing pages to improve performance.
  • No lock in contracts. If you are not getting the performance you want you are not locked in. 

Google Certified Partners

We are a certified Google Ads partner company with certified Google Ads professional consultants.

Our Google Ads Management Packages

Every management package includes:

  • Account account set up.
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads linking.
  • Setting up conversion tracking and reporting.
  • Set up of campaign(s), ad groups, keywords, keyword negatives, ads, extensions, schedules, locations and more.
  • Keyword expansion and optimisation.
  • On going A/B testing of ads to find the best performers.
  • Other experiments and optimisations such as optimising bids, scheduling and devices to help maximise ROI on your account.
  • Regular communication and reporting.

This all means you will benefit from:

  • Continually reducing cost per acquisition or more acquisition at a specific cost target.
  • You achieve your target return on your adspend investment.
  • More and better quality leads and sales.
  • Better online visibility and awareness.
  • Speedy implementation and response
  • The confidence that you know exactly what's going on and being in control.
  • We also provide full account access. In fact your Google Ads account is yours and you will always have access and own the account.

Compare our Google Ads management packages, value and pricing for Australian customers below. Our packages are provided to Plumbers and other home services businesses in Australia only.  

Each of the packages is based around the size of your account and your advertising spend because this is strongly correlated with the amount of work required. Pricing is in AUD including GST.  You pay for your own click costs directly to Google.

Where we take over the Google Ads account (from you or another manager), a one time set up fee may not be required. We will discuss this with you at the time when we see the account. There's normally some work required to rearrange the account and adjust conversion tracking and reporting.  All of our Google Ads packages adhere to Google's Advertiser Guide and Policies. You can read more about this in Google's Working With Third Parties

Not Finding The Right Package For Your Business? 

We understand that each business is slightly different. If you think the packages above don't fit well with your business model, we can tailor a package to suit you. Please contact us so we can tailor a package and pricing that is most cost effective for your business.