SEO Not Working For Your Business?

The Best SEO Alternative or Plumbers (and other Home Services)

Watch this video to discover the biggest problem with SEO for home services businesses and how we have fixed it. 

What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?

You’ve probably heard of SEO by now. It’s likely why you are on this page.

SEO is basically getting your website set up so search engines - especially Google - understand what each page is about and marketing it so Google knows it’s a site that is worth showing to people making plumbing search enquiries. That is - it’s online marketing.

It’s a bit technical - like setting out a new drainage plan but it’s not that hard once you know what you are doing.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Hone Services Business?

SEO is important because without good SEO it’s unlikely that your business will get any visibility in the top 1-3 listings on Google.

And that means no traffic, no leads and no new customers.

Good SEO will get your site showing up when local customers have a plumbing problem and what to solve it.

You can still get plenty of leads and sales without SEO by using Google Ads, but that’s going to cost you all the time, and it’s expensive because all plumbers taking the fast and easy way out are competing on that field. 

What Is Link Building?

I’ll cut straight to the chase.

There’s a bunch of stuff that all SEO companies do. And if they are any good, they will pretty much do the same thing to a similar level of quality.

These are:

  • Citations and local directory listings.
  • On-site things like making your site go fast, making it work on mobile and making it secure.
  • On page things for each page like setting up the content correctly with tags and markup that Google uses to know what’s on the page.
  • Blogging.

But all this does is leave your business at parity with all the others - it’s just doing the basics.

For SEO to really work you need to have success getting other websites to link to content and pages on your website (link building). Don't just take it from us. This data from Hubspot backs up the value and need for link building.

This video about link building gives you a feel for what is required and what's involved. You will see it's a real PITA!

Why SEO Has Not Worked For You In The Past?

For SEO to really work you need to have success getting other websites to link to content and pages on your website (link building).

This is where you get to sort the SEO sheep from the goats.

Most SEO vendors don’t have an effective solution for earning links. What they do is one of these three money wasting or dangerous tactics.

  1. They do all the on site, and one page SEO and then They don’t try to get links at all. They just taking your money each month until you get sick of it.
  2. They do something dodgy like getting blog comment links, or making web 2.0 links, or building private blog networks or low quality guest posting. I’ve seen it all in my time! In this case the more you pay them and the more work they do, the more likely you are to have Google take some pages or your whole Plumbing site out if the Google seach index for doing stuff that is contrary to Google's terms of service. Because it is.
  3. They insist on getting you on the content production hamster wheel. Rolling out on 500 word blog article each week. According to Ahrefs, 90.6% of content published get’s no traffic from Google.

The most effective method of earning backlinks which is used by most of the better SEO companies is essentially “content marketing”. You create content that is so good people want to link to it.

Content marketing has two major problems for you local plumbing business SEO.

  • Let’s face it - no one will want to link to your basic page about hot water systems. They will only want to link to an awesome page that is one of the top few pages on the web about this topic. This means you have to invest in original content and promote to other website owners. That’s a bill north of $5,000 for that page. It’s OK for a big budget national company, but not for a local plumber.
  • Once you earn links, you get traffic from all over the place. Your great page shows up in all of Sydney, or perhaps in all of Australia and the USA, but you can’t service customers from all parts of the country or city.

Content marketing is a tactic that can be cost effective for a national business, but not for your local plumbing business.

And that’s why SEO does not work for your plumbing business…either you are working with tactics that are ineffective or your vendor is using a content marketing that is both cost prohibitive and low ROI.

Our Social SEO Traffic Engine solves these problems for you as a local plumber.

Why You Might Be Wasting Money If You Are Not Using Our Local GeoGenius Brand Builder!

It’s Time To Build Your Brand

If nobody is searching for your business by name, good luck because it’s getting harder and harder to rank for local keywords. At the same time, Google is continually monetising their page space with Google Ads, snippets, and now the search generative experience and fewer free elements which makes local SEO harder and less cost-effective.

If nobody cares about your business, you lose. If all you do is drive more brand searches, you win. Brand searches = $$$. This would make sense even if there were no search engines. It's just flat-out good marketing.

Our GeoGenius Brand Builder takes a different approach using Facebook advertising, Facebook custom audiences, your website and your mailing list to build your local brand. Then we use a combination of email, remarketing  and offers to drive sales conversions and home services business bookings.

The Benefits Of Our GeoGenius Brand Builder

  1. It will get you more phone calls, leads and sales.
  2. It works. People using this system have organic traffic from Google up by nearly 100% in 12 months*.
  3. It’s designed to grow your audience while building a more profitable funnel for your business.
  4. Our combination of a blog, Facebook, and email creates massive gains by itself, plus you get an SEO “Bonus.”
  5. You don’t have to be producing content all the time. And you don't have to be diverted from running your business producing content or becoming some local social media celebrity!
  6. You don’t have to spend money producing content that benefits a global audience when you can only serve local customers. This is why content driven link building is a low ROI activity for most local businesses.
  7. You are only putting effort and investment into your chosen audience, so your spend is not wasted out of location.
  8. Your home services business develops a flow of new customers independently of Google. You don't want to become totally dependent on Google for leads.

Why It Works

Google owns Android, Gmail, Google Ads, Googe Chrome, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters Tools, Google Docs, Google My Business, The Google Knowledge Graph, Youtube, Google Play, Google Search, Google Bard and much more.  

They ‘see’ a ton of stuff about users behaviour that we are not party to.

Some of these user actions are very reliable sources of engagement which Google probably trusts more than a lot of links built by SEO companies. That's  because you can’t manipulate it. For example, it produces linkless mentions and these have been confirmed as ranking factors by Google. It’s a new approach to SEO.

Our marketing activity creates engagement and brand related searches.  Google sees these activities and they improve the overall ranking of your website, and make you money from sales as we go along. 

Why Engage With Us For Buiding Your Brand?

Here's why you should investigate the Local Brand Builder if you are looking for better outcomes from your home services marketing:

  1. We are the only company in Australia with this marketing system that also specialises in digital marketing for plumbers and other home services business.
  2. It's an approach that pays for itself as it goes, and you get new customers along the way.
  3. More importantly, we don't put you on the content hamster wheel or ask you to become a plumbing expert on YouTube. That would take up a load of your time. We run the Local Brand Builder pretty much all on its own without your active involvement
  4. Of course like many other SEO companies, we can also do the on-page, on site and citation-building elements of a local SEO strategy as well.
  5. And we can support you with other marketing like Google Ads, email marketing and online reviews.

Who Is The Local Geo Genius Brand Builder For?

This approach we believe is the best SEO for plumbers and other home services businesses. It's not for everyone. It's best for you if:

  1. Operate a business that services homeowners, and you want to grow in a local area.
  2. Are home services business owner who understands the value of marketing and wants to develop a local brand and get better known.
  3. Are already spending on marketing with a budget of at least $1,000 a month on marketing.
  4. Have an established business and deliver great customer service.

Local Marketing That Builds Your Business

Here's what to expect when you use the GeoGenius Brand Builder system for your home services business marketing.

We build your brand in your local service area so your home services business is better known.

We build custom audiences on Facebook that you can reach at any time with your offers

We build you an email list of prospective customers who know, like and trust your plumbing business

The combination of content added to your website and the activities of people coming from Facebook and doing brand searches build visibility for your website.

Improved visibility and rankings get you more traffic and thus more leads and plumbing customers.

The approach is cost effective because it works as a standalone marketing funnel in its own right  - it's just good marketing.

Your Next Step?

Arrange a phone or online meeting to discuss how this would work for your plumbing business and make the approach more concrete.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee fully protects you. If you don't get an increase in non-paid branded traffic to your website within four months, just let us know, and we'll send you a prompt refund of all the fees you have paid us.

P.S.: Don't miss this opportunity to find out how we can help make your SEO more cost-effective and grow your home services business. It costs only a little time to find out more, and it might just get you on the right path with less stress.