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Online Reviews Help Your Home Services Business Grow

As a home services business owner you will might see the importance of online customer reviews. Reviews tell other prospective customers what they can expect from your business – good or bad. 

This data from a local consumer survey about the use of online reviews shows how popular and useful they are for consumers. Google knows this and supports online reviews.

Used the internet to find a local business in the last year
Read online reviews for local businesses
Read businesses' responses to reviews
Think local reviews older than 3 months are not relevant

Here's how they work...

Social proof increases sales

New online reviews provide the social proof that makes it easier for potential customers to choose your plumbing business ahead of our competitors. This means your website will get more clicks from Google and potential customers are more likely to become customers.

If you are running Google Ads for your business, you can link your Google My Business listing to the Google Ads account and get your reviews to show in the Ads and get your Ads to show in the local pack search results and maps results

Online reviews help your business show up higher on Google

Google supports online reviews on your Google Business profile because they know searchers rely on online reviews. And review signals are an important local ranking factor on Google. 

A regular flow of good reviews helps your listing and website show up higher on a Google local seach result such as "Plumber near me". This improved visibilty means more clicks to your website and more phone calls.

Regular reviews help your business get better

If you want to provide the level of service your plumbing customers are happy about you need to measure how you are doing compared to what they are expecting so you can adjust where you need to. This means your plumbing business will always be referrable by customers and will grow from word of mouth referrals.

Businesses get a 58% boost in sales when they get good reviews and they lose an estimated 30 customers for each bad review.

Build Your Online Reputation With RepBuilder

You can ask customers to leave reviews online. They normally don't because it's too hard. And all the follow up and promotion of your reviews takes heaps of time you don't have.   

Our RepBuilder service helps grow your plumbing businesses online reputation.

Our process makes it easier - so you get more reviews in less time.

RepBuilder has a system to make it easy for you or your staff to ask customers for reviews and to follow customers with reminders. And with both email and SMS requestions, we make it easer for customers to leave a review on Google, Facebook or other sites you choose like True Local or Yelp.

Your business gets a higher review completion rate than you would for a manual process. And you spend less time (and money) following up.

RepBuilder allows you to promote your great reviews

You can take advantage of your great reviews and reputation by streaming reviews on your website pages and with widgets. And you can easily creating engaging posts from reviews and sharing them across social media.  

This means you get more traffic from social media and convert more contacts to customers both in social and on your website.

Keep an eye on what's being said online about your business

Somewhere online, someone is talking about your business. But what are they saying?  RepBuilder allows you to be on top of whats being said around the internet. We even send alerts so you alerts and notifications so you are aware of the review and can respond to them.

RepBuilder helps you to manage your online reputation.

We help you build your business's reputation

We are there with you all the way with both help and guidance as to how to set up your business process to improve your service and reputation. You always know what's going on as you have full access to your dashboard and we send you regular reports and we can help with insights and strategy as well.

You see and manage your interaction with customers and earn more positive word of mouth referrals.

Try RepBuilder with no risk.  I invite you to take our 7 day "Get More Reviews" challenge

Give us 7 days and we will get you more online reviews. And it's completely free.  But we only offer it to three businesses each month.

Schedule a free 15 minute call now so we can discuss your business and outline how this will work for you. It's easy - we do all the work for you and we don't even need your credit card details.